How will we rodent proof your attic?

The first step in rodent proofing is figuring out where the little pests are getting in at. When it comes to rodents they can squeeze in through the smallest openings. If their head can fit through a hole their whole body will.

This makes it very important for us to find every hole. Even the ones that are only the size of a dime. In some cases this will require removing and replacing the old insulation. Often times rodents will find holes under the insulation and burrow through the insulation.

Once we have found every possible area they are getting in at we will start rodent proofing. This is done by using special materials to plug these wholes. In some cases we will use steel wool or wire mesh. Rodents can chew through almost anything but they can not chew through metal. This is why in most cases just plugging the whole with just any material will not work permanently. This may also mean we will advise in covering vents in your attic with wire mesh. It is common for rodents to squeeze in through vents.

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